Cooling Systems & Lubricant Coolant

Protect Your Cutting Tools with Cooling Systems & Lubricant Coolant

When cutting non-ferrous metals with a CNC machine, the right cooling systems & lubricant coolant are essential for protecting your routing bits and keeping your cutting machinery in good working condition. Without an appropriate cooling solution, you might shatter bits or even overheat your equipment. However, finding the best solution for your needs isn't always easy, especially when the parts and components you need may not be available locally.

However, finding the best solution for your needs isn't always easy, especially when the parts and components you need may not be available locally.

At CNC Router Bits, we set out to solve that problem by creating an accessible online resource for highly effective cooling solutions from industry-leading manufacturers such as Trico and UNIST. These unique applications offer an alternative to flood cooling using a fine mist or droplets of lubricant to keep the cutting surface free of chips and appropriately cooled. Take a moment to think about why the right Trico wand mister matters to the results you generate.

The Importance of the Trico Mister

Why make the investment necessary to secure a product such as a Trico misting cooler? A quick look at the reasons why coolant plays such a vital role in your operations reveals the answer.

● Cutting on metals such as aluminium generates high levels of friction and heat, which can create extreme stresses both on the materials and on the cutting bit. An appropriate cooling and lubricating solution that introduces the liquid directly into the cutting action is essential to mitigate those effects.

● Spray cooling solutions waste less coolant lubricant and deliver more effective cooling at the cutting site due to the rapid evaporation of the applied mist.

● Aside from protecting bits from breakage, proper cooling also prevents premature wear and tear. Keep your specialty bits in service for more extended periods with a cooling solution that makes sense.

The Benefits of Lubricant for a UNIST Mister from CNC Router Bits

Aside from Trico hardware, we also supply lubricant solutions in bulk quantities suitable for Trico and UNIST misters. What are some of the specific benefits of using this particular lubricant solution?

● It is fully synthetic, providing superior cooling capabilities in high-temperature applications. It is also ashless, so you do not need to worry about unwanted residue remaining on your tools following cutting applications. It also flows easily through the Trico nozzle.

● It is non-corrosive on aluminium products. Some lubricants can begin to corrode and damage the surface of non-ferrous metals when cutting them. The high-performance lubricant we offer helps you avoid this frustrating complication.

● It is less volatile and produces less fumes, making it safer to work around the machinery for longer. This feature also contributes to a safer overall approach to cutting.

What to Expect from CNC Router Bits Regarding the MD1200?

At CNC Router Bits, we take pride in delivering a valuable service characterised by quality products. When you want to order an MD1200 cooling solution or other accessories to support your work, what should you anticipate from our service?

● Extensive technical knowledge and support. We've created a rich online resource to help our customers locate the appropriate products. However, we're also always happy to start a conversation with you to share what we know about this technology.

● Prompt responses to enquiries and a faster turnaround time on orders. We don't keep our clients waiting for answers. Whether you have concerns about lubrication or you need to know which specific routing bit to purchase, we're ready to help.

● High-quality equipment sourced only from manufacturers in Europe and the U.S. — we do not import Chinese CNC products. Instead, we pass along the benefits of quality engineering to our clients.

What You Stand to Gain by Choosing CNC Router Bits

Protecting your work surfaces and equipment from damage resulting from heat and friction is a common concern for those assembling CNC machinery setups. With CNC Router Bits, solving those problems quickly and cost-effectively is easy — and we even make it simple to purchase a Trico spare for quick maintenance in the future. Our team is also always ready to field and answer your questions. Allow us to guide you towards the right product so you can maximise the value of your investment today. Contact us for friendly assistance now.