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Raise3d Pro2 Fully Enclosed 3D Printers

If you’re looking for the best solutions for integrated manufacturing, low-volume production, or prototyping, your answer is 3D CNC printer from CNC Router Bits. We supply high-quality 3D printers in Australia from Raise3D to take your operation to the next level.

Quality 3D printers. Made in the USA by Raise3D, the Raise3D Pro2 and Pro2 Plus 3D printers allow you to add a new dimension to your business. Perfect for prototyping, low volume production or integrated manufacturing, these 3D printers open up a world of opportunity.

Both Fully Enclosed 3D Printers Raise3d pro2 & Raise3d pro2 plus are perfect for prototyping, low volume production or integrated manufacturing.

  • 3D Printer Pro2 - 305mm x 305mm x 300mm Build Volume $9,090.00 + gst
  • 3D Printer Pro2 Plus - 305mm x 305mm x 605mm Build Volume $13,320.00 + gs


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3d printer raise3D Pro2 Plus

3d printer raise3D Pro2 Plus
3d printer raise3D Pro2

What’s the difference between CNC machining and 3D printing? Simply put, the former shapes manufactured components by removing materials with a cutting tool, while the latter makes components by adding materials.

Make Parts and Products Quickly and Effectively

Thanks to technological advances, CNC 3D printing is now affordable to small businesses. A 3D printer is the perfect combination to make parts and products quickly and effectively. CNC routers allow you to work with everything from thermoplastics to modelling foam, acrylics, wood, and metal alloys. A 3D printer, on the other hand, extends your material options to polymers and plastics.

The Raise3D Pro2 Series from CNC Router Bits sets the benchmark for 3D printers in Australia. The Raise3D Pro2 fully enclosed 3D printer is a high-resolution, dual extruder 3D printer. It improves print speed, can print complex parts, and supports a range of filaments. The Raise3D Pro2 Plus is a large-format 3D printer offering a substantial build volume for large-scale jobs that require more sizeable components.

World-Leading Technology

Giving you maximum benefit for 3D printer price in Australia, the Pro2 Series is compatible with various 3D printing materials. A seven-inch touchscreen lets you keep tabs on the 3D printing process, while a HEPA air filter ensures safe operation. Furthermore, the Pro2 Series is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. CNC Router Bits can provide you with the best 3D CNC printer technology.