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Router bits for timber, plastic, aluminium

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High performance router bits, slot drills, end mills, drills, engraving and profile cutters.

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Router bits for timber, plastic, aluminium

Choose cutter based on the material you need to cut

Router bits for Timber, laminates, plastics, ACM, foams, aluminium etc

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Cheap router bits and routing tools

Quality low cost router bits

General purpose low cost router bits for timber, plastic, aluminium and engraving. Buy in bulk and save.

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Our extensive range of router bits are sourced from manufactures who specialise in the production of quality CNC router tools. We have in stock compression cutters for cabinetmakers, kitchen manufacturers and shopfitters. Single flute and multi flute router bits in straight edge and spiral flute for routing plastics, composite panel and non-ferrous materials.

To ensure that we offer the best CNC router cutter for the best value for money, our router bits are tested in real world CNC routing applications on industry standard CNC routing machines. We test for quality of cut, longevity and value for money. You can buy with confidence knowing that our router bits are backed by the worlds most respected producers and manufacturers of CNC router bits.

Whether you are routing timber, plastic, composite materials or aluminium, our range of router bits and router tools will no doubt include the perfect CNC router bit for your needs.

Collets - Tool Holders - Cooling Systems - CNC Router Spare Parts

  • Collets - Tool Holders - HSD spindle spare parts

    Collets & Tool Holders

    Comprehensive range of collets, tool holders and accessories to suit most spindles. ER32, ER25, ER16 and RDO collets. ISO30 Tool holders for HSD and similar spindles.
  • Mist sprayers - UNIST - Trico

    Cooling Systems

    Mist sprayers deliver high performance cutting fluid to the cutting tool. Used in metal cutting the use of misting fluids greatly increases tool life and improves edge finish.
  • HSD spindle spares and spare parts

    HSD Spindle Spare Parts

    We offer a range of spare parts to suit most HSD spindles, including cooling fans, sensors, tool holders and shaft kits.

Replaceable blade router cutters are available in many profiles and sizes and offer excellent return on investment in high production environments. All of our Vee cutters, boring bits, plunge routing, hinge boring and surface planing tools with replaceable blades are balanced for high speed cutting to ensure vibration free machining and superior edge quality.

Our range of oscillating tangential knifes, saw blades and drag knifes will help you cut soft and flexible products like foam, insulation materials, rubber, matting and cardboard. Manufactured from solid carbide, these knife blades are available in a large variety of profiles and sizes to meet your requirements.

As well as stocking a huge range of CNC router bits, we also carry all essential spares for your CNC router. These include ER32, ER25, ER16, and RDO collets as well as ISO30 tool holders suitable for HSD and similar quick-change spindles. We can supply most spare parts for HSD spindles and also offer mist sprayer units for dispensing cutting and cooling fluids.

Scissor Lifts - Mini CNC Routers - 3D Printers

  • Scissor Lift

    Industrial Scissor Lifts

    1000kg & 2000kg scissor lifts.
  • Mini CNC Routers

    Mini CNC Routers

    Full 3 Axis Mini CNC Routers.
  • 3D Printers

    3D Printers

    Proven quality 3D printers.

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Every CNC router needs quality router bits to deliver the best results. Get valuable tips on optimising the performance of your CNC router cutter by visiting our technical information section. We offer heaps of advice on the selection and use of router tools, general hints and tips to make the most out of your machine, along with calculating cutting speed and feed rates and the correct use and maintenance of your collets and tool holders.

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