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Your one-stop shop for router bits, tools and cutters for your CNC!

Shop Router Bits by Flute Type or Style

Shop Router Bits by Material to Cut

Shop Economy Range of Low Cost Router Bits

Router bits for timber, plastic, aluminium

Choose cutter based on flute type or profile

High performance router bits, slot drills, end mills, drills, engraving and profile cutters.

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Router bits for timber, plastic, aluminium

Choose cutter based on the material you need to cut

Router bits for Timber, laminates, plastics, ACM, foams, aluminium etc

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Cheap router bits and routing tools

Quality low cost router bits

General purpose low cost router bits for timber, plastic, aluminium and engraving. Buy in bulk and save.

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Collers - Tool Holders - Cooling Systems - CNC Router Spare Parts

  • Collets - Tool Holders - HSD spindle spare parts

    Collets & Tool Holders

    Comprehensive range of collets, tool holders and accessories to suit most spindles. ER32, ER25, ER16 and RDO collets. ISO30 Tool holders for HSD spindles.
  • Mist sprayers - UNIST - Trico

    Cooling Systems

    Mist sprayers deliver high performance cutting fluid to the cutting tool. Used in metal cutting the use of misting fluids greatly increases tool life and improves edge finish.
  • HSD spindle spares and spare parts

    HSD Spindle Spare Parts

    We offer a range of spare parts to suit most HSD spindles, including cooling fans, sensors, tool holders and shaft kits.

Scissor Lifts - Mini CNC Routers - 3D Printers

  • Scissor Lift

    Industrial Scissor Lifts

    1000kg & 2000kg scissor lifts.
  • Mini CNC Routers

    Mini CNC Routers

    Full 3 Axis Mini CNC Routers.
  • 3D Printers

    3D Printers

    Proven quality 3D printers.