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CNC Desktop Router

A CNC desktop router is an ideal addition to your existing prototyping or fabrication operation, significantly extending your capabilities to produce precision components that are well-finished and durable in various materials. When it comes to options for a small CNC router, we have a wide selection for various requirements and applications.

CNC or Computer Numerical Control refers to machines controlled by software and electronics instead of human operators. A CNC router is a cutting or engraving machine with the added function of 2D relief milling. It can cut numerous materials, from wood to plastic, aluminium and even high-density foam.

Smaller workshops do not require full-size CNC milling machines, routers, lathes or other large cutting machines, as space is at a premium. This is where a benchtop CNC, mini CNC router or a small router is ideal. These afford smaller operations maximum flexibility to produce numerous shapes from a single machine. The smaller footprint makes them ideal for hobbyists or DIY CNC machining enthusiasts.

Starting out small with a CNC desktop or benchtop router allows you to produce components that quickly find a niche, boosting your profits as demand slowly grows. You can ramp up your production accordingly, as our smaller CNC benchtop unit offers scalability.

Main Reasons for Buying a CNC Table Router

  • A mini router, desktop CNC, or CNC routing table will save on shopfloor space.
  • If you’re looking for the best hobby CNC router in Australia, we have the most versatile machines to extend your machining abilities.
  • These flexible machines are easy to get to grips with and apply.
  • Despite their small size, all components are produced within tolerance.
  • Entry-level models such as desktop routers are considerably cheaper.
  • CNC desktop machines have a high throughput to boost your productivity and profit.

Why Choose Us for Your Supply

We offer mini desktop or benchtop routers for small to medium businesses, prototyping, hobbyists or people wanting to get into CNC routing. These units offer full three-axis movement with Mach3 controllers for true G-code compatibility. These small CNC routers have truly usable work areas and features not seen in similar routers.

Benchtop routers are available in two different sizes:

  • RB6040 Mini Router Table - Process area 600 mm x 400 mm x 120mm $6,650.00 + GST
  • RB9060 Mini Router Table - Process area 900 mm x 600 mm x 120 mm $7,850.00 + GST
  • Optional Wireless Controller $395.00 + GST

For the ideal solution for a desktop CNC router in Australia, contact us for more information and shipping costs to your location.

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