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Tool Holder

Find the Ideal Tool Holder for Your Router

A tool holder is critical for CNC routers as it has a direct impact on the quality of your work and the efficiency of your tools. The items that hold the bit steady during operation undergo enormous pressure. Furthermore, they spin at high velocity while exerting high axial forces which results in its exposure to heat and vibration. As such, you must take care of these components. CNC Router Bits is an online store where you can find the necessary items for your operation, including a collet spanner and tool taper.

What You Should Know About an ER32 Collet

A collet is the steel sleeve that holds the bit in the router. They possess the ideal entry point to mate with the tapered recess near the end of the shaft which grips the bit with ample room to move the bit in and out when it’s loose.

● Collets and tool holders must possess the rating to match your machinery. For example, if your spindle rotation is at 24 000 RPM, the collets and tool holders must achieve the same rating. If the items don’t match their speed ratings, it invites vibration into the cutting process since they’re not compatible for those speeds. As a result, you affect the quality of your work.

● Ideally, you must select the correct collet for the tool shank, which offers the least amount of compression to clamp the tool. A typical example would be pairing a five- to six-millimetre collet with a six-millimetre shank tool. Before you assemble the collet, make sure it is clean and doesn’t have dents or signs of wear.

● There are various types of collets which include a split shaft, split shaft with sleeve adaptors, tapered shaft with a single slit and a tapered shaft with multiple slits. They each have features that suit specific conditions and operations.

Tips to Maintain an ER25 Collet

If you use an ER collet for eight hours a day, you can expect it to last approximately three months. The majority of tools that have metal-to-metal contact with exposure to dust and pitch will eventually wear down. For this reason, it’s wise to regularly maintain collets to continue delivering efficient work.

● You should never tighten a collet without a bit in place. Doing this may cause damage to the collet, which results in an incorrect fit with the bit. When it becomes worn or scratched, it loses its holding power and allows for an increase in vibration, which directly impacts the quality of your work.

● We’re aware that dust and residue can build up on the inside of the collet. A simple clean will have the collet back to its working condition. Use a small brush with nylon or brass bristles to gently remove dirt from the inside of the collet. These bristles are soft enough to clean but won’t damage the metal surfaces. Our collet cleaning brushes are ideal for this purpose.

● If you find imperfections on the collet, you can use steel wool or a synthetic scouring pad to remove burrs and nicks. Never use sandpaper as it could damage the material. Additionally, you can clean the collet parts with a rag that you can dip in a cleaning solution such as Naptha.

What You Gain By Choosing CNC Router Bits

When you shop in our online store, you can expect quick and efficient service with us delivering your package anywhere around Australia. Our products are of the highest possible quality which we source from the USA and Europe. Our team has in-depth technical knowledge of the tools we stock so you can rest assured you’ll receive the correct advice and product for your operation.

With almost a decade in the industry, we have developed a reputation for being the number one store for all things related to your CNC router.  Contact us if you require bits, tools and cutters for your CNC router.

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