Replaceable Insert Cutters and Tools

Router tools with replaceable inserts and blades.

Replaceable insert cutters available in a range of angles and profiles from 45 degrees to 120 degrees. Vee grooving, hinge boring tools, plunge routing tools, surface planing tools. Tools for cam locks. Complete range of router tools for cabinetmakers, furniture manufacturers, kitchen manufacturers and shopfitters. The replaceable insert blades mean that the cost over the life of the tool is significantly reduced. Most blades have multiple cutting edges increasing value for money.

Also known as disposable insert tools or disposable insert cutters, replaceable insert cutters offer many price benefits over fixed blade cutters including;

  • Blades generally have more than 1 cutting edge, which means that you get more edges for your investment
  • Replaceable inserts are less expensive than purchasing a completely new tool
  • Full range of spare parts ensure long service life from the tool
  • Less wastage