Industrial-Quality Scissor Lifts

If you’re after industrial-quality scissor lifts for sale for your CNC router, talk to CNC Router Bits. With a capacity of either 1 000kg or 2 000kg, our scissor lifts do the heavy lifting for you, with the added benefit of large decks for managing oversized packs.

  • 1000kg Model $3,300.00ea + gst
  • 2000kg Model $4,700.00ea + gst


Contact us for more information and shipping costs to your location.


Scissor lifts are adjustable work platforms that a single worker can operate comfortably. A scissor lifter is similar to an access tower, allowing materials to reach a specified height for easier loading onto your CNC router.

Quality Equipment and Accessories

For quality equipment and accessories that improve the safety and efficiency of your operation while allowing your workers to access the latest technology, get in touch with CNC Router Bits. We have various scissor lifts for sale, guaranteeing quality equipment that suits your needs.