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Warranty Policy


The CNC Router Bits primary goal is to make buying CNC Router products easier and less stressful. All of our products- unless otherwise stated- feature a 12 month back-to-base warranty. If you believe there is either faulty workmanship or the product develops an issue that has arisen through nominal use then please contact us at info@cncrouterbits.com.au.

CNC Routerbits does not warrant router cutters, blades or knifes, collets, tool holders and accessories nor make claims as to their suitability for your application. We do not warrant cutters, blades or knifes, collets, tool holders and accessories against breakage or wear. Any cutters, blades or knifes, collets, tool holders and accessories returned for refund must be returned unused in original packaging.

The general warranty procedure is such:

  • » Please make contact with CNC Router Bits by emailing info@cncrouterbits.com.au. Please provide the following-
  1. - The purchase date and, if possible, the invoice number of the sale
  2. - The item name, code or an accurate description of the item. If you don't have the name we *should* be able to narrow it down using the invoice number from above
  3. - A brief description of the problem. If it is at all possible to send an email with a photo of the complaint it will speed up the process significantly
  4. - Your contact details

  • » We will then endeavor to contact the manufacturer to ensure that this problem is actually warranty and not an issue that can be quickly resolved over the phone\email. Once we have spoken to someone from our supplier that verifies that this appears to be a genuine claim we will contact you.

  • » Please note that this warranty is back-to-base. This means that it is the consumers responsibility to send the item back to CNC Router Bits at their cost should the item require repairs under warranty. CNC Router Bits may choose to waiver this at their discretion. Once the damaged item is back at CNC Router Bits head office it will be inspected and a report will be performed to deem whether the damage is truly warranty.

  • » All parts and labor, once item is back at base, will be free of charge if deemed warranty. Please note that, due to warranty being back to base, it is the consumers responsibility to pay freight charges for the now-fixed item to be returned to the customer. CNC Router Bits may choose to waiver this at their discretion.

  • » If the damage is deemed to be out of neglect, improper usage or due to any other 'voiding' circumstance, the customer will be contacted and advised of this report. The item will then be withheld by CNC Router Bits until payment of returned shipment is accepted as well as any unnecessary labor bills paid.

Warranty Scenario: Return of Faulty Goods Any product that arrives damaged or faulty can be exchanged with within 7 days of receipt. We kindly ask you to contact us and we will either send a courier to retrieve the item, or allow you to quote us a shipping price back which will be refunded on assessment of the goods All products must be returned in like-new condition (excluding reported damage), including original packaging and all documentation and accessories. 20% re-stocking fee will be applied to any item that is missing accessories or parts. The value of the missing accessories will also be deducted All defective product(s) will be assessed by the CNC Router Bits returns division and, if deemed faulty\damaged, a replacement will be dispatched as soon as possible (within one week maximum) If a product returned is found not to be faulty, customers will be charged with 20% re-stocking fee and must also pay the freight cost of the item(s) delivered back by the CNC Router Bits \ will not have the freight cost refunded if sent at their cost