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Router bits and cutters for cabinetmakers

Compression, compressor, roughing and finishing router bits.

These compression, roughing and finishing router bits specifically for cutting and trimming whiteboard, colour board, plywood, MDF, craftwood and other timber products.

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  1. Econo Range Compression & Finisher Cutters

    This economy range of solid carbide compression and finishing cutters provides excellent results in timber and timber laminate products.

    Compression cutters are ideal for timber laminates such as whiteboard and the low helix finishing cutters are designed for maximised smooth finish with upward chip removal


  2. 2 Flute Compression Cutter

    2 Flute Compressor

    Starting at: $138.50

    2 Flute Compression cutters for timber laminates. Chip free cutting at high feed rates. Solid Carbide more
  3. 3 Flute Tuff Core, Marathon, MaxLife Compressor
    3 Flute Compressor. Up/Down design for high feed rates and optimum edge finish on both sides of laminated material. more
  4. 4 Flute High Velocity Compressor

    4 Flute High Velocity Compressor

    Starting at: $324.00

    4 Flute High Velocity Compressor. These tools combine a roughing and finishing cut in one tool for rapid feed rates with a good finish. more
  5. 4 Flute Compressor

    4 Flute Compressor

    Starting at: $290.00

    4 Flute Compressor. Fine finishes at high feed rates. more

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