Router Collets & Tool Holders

How do collets work? Router collets are integral to routers as they hold the bits in place, which spin at more than 20 000 rpm. CNC router collets are made from precision machined steel and are bored to fit the shank of the router bit precisely. Collets for routers are tapered on the outside to allow them to fit into the router motor's hollow spindle easily.

It is important to ensure that the collets in question match the router. This generally means that the collet's size corresponds to the router's power, so models up to 1 000 W have collets under 8 mm. Models over 1 400 W will have collets up to 12 mm.

Collets for CNC Routers

We specialise in a range of router collets and sizes, including ER 50 collets and ER tap collets. We can accommodate all ER collets and sizes.

  • Collets - ER32 ER25 ER16 RDO

    High speed, high precision, full grip for extra clamping ability. ER32 collets are used in most HSD spindles and ISO30 tool holders. Remember, collets do need replacing if they start to show signs of wear.

  • Tool Holders for HSD spindles

    High speed, high precision. Tool holders need replacing if they start showing signs of wear, especially on the tapered surface. Worn or damaged tapers cause vibration and can damage a spindle motor.

  • Collets - ER32

    Starting at: $50.30 high precision ER32 collets are compatible with HSD collets and ISO30 taper spindles and similar. Rated to 24 000 rpm.

  • Collets - ER25

    Starting at: $61.00 these high-precision collets suit HSD spindles and similar. Available in all common sizes and rated to 24 000 rpm.

  • HSD ISO30 Tool Holder Clamp

    At $296.00 you could use this tool holder clamping device to secure your collets into the ISO30 tool holder safely. Horizontal bench mount or vertical wall mount.

  • ISO30 ER32 Tool holder - - High speed, high precision. Rated to 24,000rpm

    $192.60 - ISO30 tool holder with cover nut and pull stud for HSD spindles suitable for ER32 collets.

  • Pull Stud - ISO30

    $46.20 - Genuine HSD pull stud for ISO30 tapers. Damaged pull studs result in incorrect clamping and can seriously damage the HSD spindle. Pull studs should be replaced once they show wear marks.

  • Collets - RDO20

    Starting at $175.60, this RDO 20 collet for Perske spindles offers full grip, high speed, high precision collets for PERSKE 2.2kW & 3.2kW spindles. Available in both metric and imperial sizes.

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